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BC’s Oil & Gas Labour Market Outlook

  • Northern BC has a very small labour force (3% of provincial total)
  • Direct need to attract a substantial number of workers to fill growing
    employment in the north
  • Estimated 5500 additional residential units will be required to house new workers
  • Hundreds of service providers and labourers will be seeking much needed accomodation

Site C Labour Market Outlook

  • $8.3 billion Site C Dam project already underway and estimated to be completed in 2024.
  • Up to 1500 workers will be needed during peak construction in 2018.
  • 7650 direct construction jobs will be created through the course of construction.
  • 35000 direct and indirect jobs will be created through the lifetime of the project.
  • 10,000 person years of employment generated during construction phase.
  • $130 Million increase in regional GDP during construction.

Overall Aerial View of the Site